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Keeping the kids safe from online predators this summer

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LUBBOCK, Texas (KJTV) - Summer months can mean more screen time, but the FBI estimates that online predators have increased exponentially this past year.

Lubbock police say they have received 77 tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Last year, there were 100 tips from January to May.

Lubbock police detective Derick smith says although. Schools have robust protections, it’s still important to watch their school devices.

“You need to have access to their Google Drive and their Google Docs, and make sure that you’re looking through those looking at the folders, actually looking at the documents not just going okay, this is, you know, labeled school research project, you know, look at it, make sure it is actually the school resource project and not something that they shouldn’t be doing that they just titled in a way that hopefully you’ll look at it and pass over it,” Smith said.

There is a simple setting to review what apps are consuming most of your child’s time.

The battery setting will show you what app absorbed the most the most battery.

Lubbock police detective Derick Smith says that’s how one parent discovered his kid was using a restricted app right under their parents nose.

“When reality was that everyday that kid was installing and deleting the app. And so when we went in and looked at the battery usage, it showed us that over 50% of the battery life on the last 10 days had gone to an app that was deleted,” Smith said.

Experts insist to always observe their online interactions and always report suspicious behavior. It could crack open a larger investigation.

To make a report with Lubbock police, call the non-emergency line at 806-775-2865.

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