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Lubbock woman making new start seeks justice after being hit by car

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Lubbock woman struck by car seeks justice

LUBBOCK, Texas (KJTV) - A Lubbock woman is home recovering after a hit and run sent her to the hospital last week.

A car struck Amy Adkins from behind near Broadway and Avenue S, then the driver fled the scene.

It was Adkins’ first night without a ride from her new job when she was walking home Thursday night.

She says she heard an engine, turned and saw a headlight, and was struck, around 11:20 p.m.

Adkins tells us it happened right as she was in the middle of a comeback.

She’d just left housing at the Salvation Army and says she worked really hard to get her new apartment.

“I did not deserve this in any way whatsoever. I would do anything for anybody. I can’t imagine doing this to somebody and then walking away and being able to live with myself,” Adkins said.

The impact broke her collarbone, her shoulder bone, and separated her muscle from her spine.

After all her hard work, Adkins is afraid she’ll struggle to make her first month’s rent.

Not a week in her new apartment, she says she’s now stuck there to recover.

“I’m not really one to sit around a whole lot. So, I like to go to work and earn my way,” Adkins said.

Adkins says when she called the ambulance, she realized she was sitting on the steps of a church.

In that moment, she says she felt blessed to be alive.

“I was gonna get to see my kids again,” Adkins said.

But. she still wants justice.

Police are looking for the driver who injured her.

In surveillance footage from a nearby business at the time of the crash, you can see a car approach the area.

The brake lights go on, what appears to be the same car turns around, then slowly drives back away from the scene.

Adkins says she was disoriented, but thinks she remembers a white car swerving away.

“Like I could’ve died right there in the middle of the road and nobody would’ve seen me. What if it would’ve been your daughter or your mother out there?” Adkins said.

Police are still trying to gather more surveillance video of the crash.

If you know anything, call crime line at 741-1000. You can remain anonymous.

“I mean if it was an accident, I mean and you’re scared I understand that. But, you still have to, you know, take responsibility for what you’ve done. Apologize. Do something. Show some remorse,” Adkins said.

Adkins’ daughter is taking care of her as she recovers.

She set up a GoFundMe for her mother, which can be found here.

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