Christmas Dallas Cowboys

The Double T 97-3 and 100.7 The Score staff are putting on their Santa Hats and giving gifts to our teams.  We Start with the Dallas Cowboys.

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive and Bottom Line

For the Christmas of 2020 I would give the Dallas Cowboys some luck and some guts. My hope is that if they had enough luck to have one of the two game changing quarterbacks fall to them in the draft that they would then have the guts to let Dak Prescot walk, roll with a veteran QB for a year (maybe Dalton, maybe someone else), and then have that drafted QB ready to take over the reigns after a year of learning. That would mean you would probably suffer through an average at best year next year but you would be building long term. And then hopefully by around Christmas of 2022 the Cowboys could be really thinking about making a deep playoff run.

Jeff McGuire - The Morning Drive

A Crystal Ball. The Cowboys have too many questions to answer right now to give them just one thing, but a peak at the future would be helpful.  Is Dak going to bounce all the way back?  Can they put together a defense on a budget that can compete?  What is going on with the O-Line?  A peek at the future could point them in the right direction.  Then again, we know who is in charge.

Chois Woodman -  The End of the Bench

For the Dallas Cowboys, I give the organization the world's greatest hypnotist. The hypnotist will convince Jerry Jones that he loves soccer and hates American football. Jerry Jones will then sell the team (hopefully to someone that will do some good). Jerry will go buy Manchester United or Liverpool and drive them into the ground. The Cowboy's problems have turned into someone else's problems. Best Christmas gift ever. 
Jeremy Brown - The End of the Bench

A keychain with a tank. Or something to do with a tank

Zach Sparkman - The Bottom Line

The Dallas Cowboys are an easy person to buy for in that they have plenty of needs, but deciding what they need the most is where it gets difficult. The defense is atrocious. They’re bad against the pass, even worse against the run Aldon Smith is probably the units best player and he hadn’t played football in almost 5 years. The coaching staff inspires no confidence, a change there could be a gift. But I’m gonna say a healthy offensive line, a good offensive line a ball control can cover up a lot of issues we saw that in 2016 as rookie Dak Zeke and the best O-line in the league carried a sub par defense to a 13-3 record. So my gift for the Cowboys is a healthy Tyron Smith Lael Collins Zack Martin and whoever they have playing center for the 2021 season.

Chris Level - Tech Talk

A top five pick and I'd also like to give the Giants or the Washington football team the NFC East division title. This is an all time bad division and the reward wil be hosting a playoff game, getting bounced early and drafting 19th overall. No thanks! I'll take my top five pick and an enjoyable off-season with my new toy.

Kerrt Hamman - Producer

A Defense, Because they’ve been awful all year and there hasnt seemed to be any change up in the scheme. And with Dak out it’s been basically impossible to keep up with any other offense with the amount of points/yards the defense allows.