Rangers Christmas

The Double T 97-3 and 100.7 The Score staff are putting on their Santa Hats and giving gifts to our teams.  Round two goes to the Texas Rangers.

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive and Bottom Line

This Christmas I have large list of things I would like to give the Rangers. I will list them off in order of importance.
1-Front of the rotation starting pitching.
2-Middle of the rotation starting pitching.
3-Back of the rotation starting pitching.
4-Long relief pitching.
5-Middle relief pitching.
5-A closer.
6-A front office that believes in spending money on a pitching staff (this one probably should have been higher).
7-A trade partner that will take Roughned Odor, his dirty helmet and his .167 batting average.
8-A hot hitting, slick fielding third baseman prospect who makes his debut in 2021 and tears it up on his way to becoming American League Rookie of the Year. Oh yea, he also has to be from Texas Tech!

Jeff McGuire - The Morning Drive

Fans in stands.  A lot will need to go into that across the nation, but the Rangers have a new ballpark that has had little to no use for the fans of the team.  Other than the World Series games played there it was just a field for the team.  Putting the bottoms in seats would go a long way in making it feel like home.  Plus, I would like to go watch a game or three there at some point.  For the team it self.  To quote Willy Wonka as played by Gene Wilder, "You get nothing.  You Lose.  Good Day Sir."  Tank, like you were in World War II.  100 losses for the next 2 years.  Don't over achieve.  Draft pitching, lots of pitching.   2024 could be a very good year if you start now.  

Chois Woodman - The End of the Bench

I would like to give the Rangers a COVID-free 2021. Obviously I want this for everyone, but the Rangers have a majestic new ballpark that very few people were able to experience. The Rangers won't be any good this season, so I just want them to showcase the only thing they've got going for them right now.

Zach Sparkman - The Bottom Line

The Rangers are another team that would benefit from a wide range of gifts, but I’m gonna go with pitching. The lineup has a lot of issues they strike out too much, they struggle to score runs and no one scares you, but that could be improving with guys like Nick Solak Willie Calhoun and hopefully Josh Jung and other touted prospects develop into good players. The pitching staff on the other hand, there isn’t much to get excited about, the current staff is full of back of the rotation guys, their top prospects figure to be number 3 starters at best and the bullpen is up and down. So my gift to the Texas Rangers is a top of the rotation pitcher or two.