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We have been following Marine recruits through basic training throughout our "Becoming a Marine" week long coverage. Over this past week, we have learned just how tough recruit training is, and now we are watching it all come to a head at the Crucible. These are the very last tests a recruit must endure before earning the prestigious title of Marine.

The video you are about to see is a ceremony that rarely any civilians have had the opportunity to witness. FOX 34's Ashley Claster and Photojournalist Andrew Wood have this Day 4 report from Camp Pendleton, California. View the attached video to see and learn more.

This is Day 4 of "Becoming a Marine" Week. Click here to view Day 1, where we see recruits stepping off of the bus and enduring the first 20 minutes of basic training. Click here to view Day 2, where we see how just how tough the training is for recruits. Click here to view Day 3, where we find out what kind of training and jobs await recruits AFTER boot camp.