With the new school year beginning in three weeks many families will struggle with back to school expenses. Roosevelt High School senior Tayzha Evans is taking it upon herself to help four families curb those costs. It started with a shopping trip.  

"I saw all the school supplies and thought, oh cool," Evans said.  

Followed by a post on a community Facebook page with her new idea.  

"I don't really know the situation of people on the Lubbock Online Garage Sale so I thought maybe I can get more response from people on there," Evans said.  

Tayzha Evans was looking for four students who need help with school supplies and backpacks. She funneled her summer job paycheck into this project and picked these lucky kids not only on need alone.

"I really wanted to pick it to where, choose it from my heart and see where my heart goes," Evans explained.

Setting off on another shopping trip the high school senior with paycheck in hand, and a little extra help from mom, prepared to fill the new backpacks for the lucky students. Tayzha says she's the lucky one. 

"I got a lot out of this experience like responsibility, caring and helpfulness and helping others," Evans said. "I just wanted to share my blessings with other people."